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The modern life of an active person is a constant tangle of stressful situations that change from everyday to personal problems, from physiological to businees problems, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot eliminate stress from our lives, but we can protect the body from its harmful effects! The effects of stress are devastating if left alone or minimized. With bio programs to strengthen the body and increase stress resistance, the patient achieves emotional balance, does not immerse himself in the stress situation itself, but as if he is watching from the side, while not destroying the nerve endings, without aggravating the load on the brain in a state of calm (sleep), restraining over-dimensional excitability and not controllability.

Stress, as a state of active readiness of the body for confrontation, can be both positive and negative.  A single, non-systematic release of adrenaline, which forces the brain to mobilize to solve a specific task, can be considered as positive.  Positive stress, we even need to make quick decisions, change established habits or lifestyle.

Another aspect is negative stress, when stressful facts are quite regular or often present in a person’s life.  The constant concentration of a person on various kinds of issues or tasks leads to a feeling of constant tension, waste vitality, not being able to relax and rest.

There is a wide variety of causes of stressful situations, and they can be associated with both everyday problems and work, personal, unfavorable environmental conditions among, point to a stimulus, etc.

treatment of stress

The main symptoms of a person’s stressful state are:

  •   lethargy, loss of strength, lack of desire to communicate
  •   Bouts of irritation, anger
  •   Disturbances in the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness
  •   Manifestation of neurological symptoms (tic, panic, depression, dizziness, etc.)
  •   Special interest in relaxing drugs (alcohol, nicotine, medications)

It is good if a person can independently withstand stress, not delve into its nature, and not pass all the factors of arousal through himself.  In opposite cases, the body is exhausted, which has a number of unpleasant symptoms, up to the development of various diseases.

There are three phases of stress build-up:

  1. Mobilization is the primary response to stress, when the forces of the body are mobilized to resist harmful influences.
  2. Opposition – activation of the body’s forces to find a way out of the current situation.
  3. Exhaustion – with constant exposure to stressful situations, the body becomes vulnerable, loses strength to resist.

The dynamics of a modern person’s life is constant contact with stress, choosing the right solution, a large amount of tasks and functions, and little time for self-healing.

We are ready to offer our patients various intensive programs for the treatment of stress exhaustion.

Bio therapy selection program for stress management:

This is a basic treatment plan for increased excitability of the body, which includes:

  •  a combination of physio, procedures aimed at relaxing the muscular skeleton (massage, micro and maxi stimulation of atrophic muscles)
  •   sedative therapy, aimed at correcting excitability, work of the cardiovascular system
  •  stimulating therapy for mental activity, concentration
  •  filling of the body with vitamins, micro elements, gently toning the body

With medical indications of stress exhaustion, turning into a stage of depression, therapy is changed.

відновлення після стресу


Treatment program with bio hormonal pellets:

Before starting therapy, the patient undergoes a comprehensive health examination.  Based on the results of biochemical indicators, hormonal, the work of vital systems, the doctor can determine with the help of which bio-hormones and what dosage, it is possible to achieve balance and eliminate symptoms.

The most common components of bio pellets in the treatment of stress are:

  1. NADH – activation of robotic brain, readiness to multitask, improve concentration, memory and quick response.
  2. Testosterone – gives activation of internal vitality, adds vigor, energy
  3. Melatonin – for violations of circadian rhythms of sleep and vigor, the possibility of deep sleep, easy awakening
  4. Metformin – for disorders of the digestive system, poor nutrition and lack of activity.  The bio hormone will give energy for the internal combustion of fatty tissue, reduce blood sugar, and lose weight.

In each case, only the doctor determines the required combination of hormones and their proportions.  This is very important to get the necessary result !!!

Personalized approach

Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, which we will try to understand in order to achieve a coordinated work of all chains of the body and be reborn at a new biological age.

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  • full recovering
  • new bio technologies
  • deep analysis of the health
  • safety


The innovations that we use in health improvement and anti-age methods are completely safe, have no contraindications, no allergic reactions, they are fully compatible with the human body and are certified by the Ministry of Health.


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