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The program for the complex restoration of the body is a balanced method of maintaining a person's physiological resources at the level of healthy indicators of life cycles.

Stem cells

The human body is created by nature as a unique tool for self-regeneration and self-renewal; it is systemic in work, cyclical in the performance of important vital functions, adaptable to external changes.  However, we have not yet learned to use all the resources of the body to the full, and our way of life reduces the biological potential.

In an effort to prolong the years, improve the quality of life, delay the onset of old age and irreversible changes, humanity is working hard on biotechnological developments to restore health at the cellular level.  A clear breakthrough in this direction is the treatment and rejuvenation of stem cells.

To date, there are many different methods of cultivation of individual biomaterials, which aim to differentiate the impact in the immediate area of ​​damage, in other words, biologists are looking for the most effective donor areas, cell reproduction, which will achieve the effect of treating maximum function.

Cell therapy can be divided into 2 major groups:

1) Use of own cells for treatment and rejuvenation (autologous transplantation)

2) The use of donor stem cells (allogeneic transplantation)

There are several types of stem cells used in treatment and rejuvenation:

– Multipotent mesenchymal stem cells (sampling can be performed from adipose tissue, bone marrow, blood)

– Endothelial cells – cells lining the inner surface of blood vessels, lymph nodes, heart cavity

– Dermal fibroblasts – cells of the epidermis (skin)

– Chondrogenic cells – from cartilage

– Uterine endometrial cells

– Periosteal cells – the outer surface of the bone

– Keratinocytes – the basal layer of the epidermis

– Cells of the neural crest derived from hair follicles

Each type of stem cell can be used as a mono-therapeutic drug or in combination with other cell types to achieve the most pronounced effect.  Each of the cell subtypes can be both from donor biomaterial and own.

How to understand what kind of cells are needed for treatment?

1) Cultivation time: When treating with own cells, the patient should expect that the average time of selection and cultivation of non-mutated cells is from 2-3 months.  Cultivation time depends on the age of the patient, the complexity of the disease.

When using donor material, you do not need to wait, the cells are taken in a cryobank of stem cells, thawed, activated and in the right amount ready for therapy.

2) Severity of the disease: In complicated forms of the disease, adulthood, related systemic diseases, it is recommended to use donor material, as it is difficult to separate families of healthy and intact cells ready for active division from the patient’s own cells.

3) Compatibility of stem cells with the body: When using your own material for cultivation is 100% compatible with the patient.  When using donor cells – the material used is completely purified from the gene pool of the donor with a clear differentiation to solve a particular problem.  Before the introduction of the cell product is tested for HLA typing, which is as close as possible to the percentage matches to their own cells.

4) Repeated treatment procedures: When re-undergoing treatment or rejuvenation of their own cells, there is no need to wait again for 2-3 months, as the patient can pay in advance for their cryopreservation and storage until subsequent procedures.  According to treatment protocols, re-introduction of stem cells is recommended no earlier than 1-1.5 years after the first treatment.

The main directions in cell therapy:

– rejuvenation or anti-age treatment

– sexual dysfunction (impotence, decreased sex drive, low libido)

– recovery after strokes, infectious diseases (Lyme disease)

– treatment of neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease)

– treatment of diabetes

– treatment of joints and spine

– recovery after intoxication

– solution of dermatological problems

– problem solving in trichology

– alleviation or elimination of symptoms during menopause

The basic stem cell treatment program consists of a 3-day comprehensive treatment.  The main thing is the exact diagnosis of the patient, analysis of the current condition, deviations from the norm in all sections of diagnosis and testing.  The main stages of treatment:

  1. A) complete screening of the patient’s condition
  2. B) consultations of related doctors on the disease
  3. C) preparatory detox program (cleansing of the body)
  4. D) therapeutic adjuvant therapy: the introduction of hepatoprotectors, antioxidants, vitamins
  5. E) treatment with stem cells (intravenous, intra-articular, intramuscular, intradermal – depends on the problem)
  6. E) stimulation and activation of the introduced stem cells
  7. G) correction for the general purpose of treatment

Replacing diseased cells with healthy ones – in simple words, is the basic principle of cell therapy.

To repair damaged organs and tissues, it is important to restore connective tissue, which is the supporting and protective tissue for the entire human system.  Possessing a unique ability, stem cells (fibroblasts, mesenchymal cells) reproduce molecules that provide filling the defect and the gradual restoration of the integrity of the organ, resulting in the growth of epithelium on the surface and the germination of food vessels in them.

In the treatment of neurological and degenerative disorders – table cells are able to produce neurotrophic factors (nerve growth factor, brain nerve growth factor, glial factor …), which stimulates the growth of nerve fibers.

During rejuvenation and anti-age procedures, damaged cells are replaced with new ones, and the number of missing families is filled with healthy cells.

We approach the process of stem cell treatment as an organic, natural way of healing the cells themselves, individual organs or systems, the whole organism.

The effectiveness of treatment always depends on the severity of the disease or damage to certain areas of the body, the severity of symptoms and previous treatment, the age parameters, the willingness of the patient to recover.

Cell therapy always has a positive effect on the body, in simple and non-systemic diseases there is a possibility of complete cure, in genetic, degenerative, progressive diseases, treatment leads to remission (cessation of destructive processes) of the disease.

Stem cell therapy, of course, is not a panacea, so based on this conclusion; we chose the approach of individual consultation type, where several doctors of the profile disease and specialists consider the patient’s problem in regenerative medicine.  The complex assessment of the patient’s condition is the basis of the therapeutic program of treatment and recovery, selection of the required cell type, dosage and administration.

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Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, which we will try to understand in order to achieve a coordinated work of all chains of the body and be reborn at a new biological age.

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