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Face and body rejuvenation with stem cells, neofibrolifting and Sprs therapy

The rejuvenation program is based on the correction and stabilization of the correct functioning of the body, which makes it return to the functions of self-healing inherent in nature at the impulse and molecular level.

anti-aging ( face and body) for BioAge

How long can you prolong youth, harmony of external and internal health and beauty? We answer – as long as you want it! After all, the power of your renewal and improvement is in the hands of the person himself, in his desire to postpone old age. Our biotechnological rejuvenation programs work in a comprehensive manner, achieving the desired lasting result. Personalization of the program for each patient includes analysis of the type of aging, the complication of the condition by current diseases and psycho-emotional state, genetic predisposition, the degree of inclusion of regenerative processes. Including two-phase recovery and rejuvenation, the patient achieves a balance of well-being and a perfect appearance.

Indeed, the aging process cannot be stopped, but it is possible to prolong youth and delay the onset of old age.

   We often wonder why using the same procedures or cosmetics, the effect on each patient is completely different.  In addition, even ideally, when all the procedures seem to work to improve the appearance, but their impact does not last long.

This is where the term DERMOGENETICS originates, it is a study of the individual rate of skin aging.  Based on this science, you can analyze in detail the passport of the skin, namely the tendency to premature aging, the supply of collagen and elastin, and the ability of cells to divide and regenerate.  Thanks to these data it is possible to make the program of rejuvenation precisely, considering all individual features of the concrete patient and thus to prevent skin withering.

The most scientific in terms of diagnosis and analysis of the skin is the method of rejuvenation by stem cells.

Stem cell rejuvenation method:

The main types of stem cells used for rejuvenation:

  1. Fibroblasts (epidermal cells)
  2. Mesenchymal cells (cells taken from adipose tissue, blood)

The doctor based on the skin passport determines the choice of cellular material.  The patient takes a punch test behind the ear (this is a small piece of skin that is least exposed to the environment), delivered to the laboratory for diagnosis and cultivation of planned healthy families of fibroblasts.  When using mesenchymal cells, the patient also takes a fat or blood sample for further cell culture, but the skin condition test is done only based on skin material.

Cell production time -from 2-4 weeks (depending on the age of the patient and the amount required for rejuvenation).

до и после клеточная терапия stem cells anti aging

Indications for using of cell therapy:

  •    Signs of age-related changes (wrinkles, ptosis of the skin, loss of elastin and collagen)
  •   Improving the quality of the skin (sagging, enlarged pores, loss of color and turgor, swelling)
  •    Prevention of skin aging processes
  •    Treatment of dermatological diseases (vitiligo, acne, psoriasis,)
  •   Treatment of inflammatory areas on the skin (scars, wounds, cuts)

   Neofibrolifting method

This methodology is also based on the use of stem cells (fibroblasts), but in the formation of the finished biological product to the cells to introduce the patient’s own plasma and 14 million growth factors.

Indications for the use of neofibrolifting:

  •  Withering of the skin
  •   Loss of quality skin
  •  Pigment spots
  •   Decreased nutrition and hydration of the skin, premature aging
  •    Dry skin, roughness of certain areas
  •    Preoperative preparation for plastic surgery

This organic product is suitable as a unique preventive means of restoring the metabolic processes of the skin, regeneration, saturation with growth factors, trace elements, vitamins, start collagen genesis.

Method of SPRS therapy

Since the basis of facial and body, rejuvenation is the skin; most technologies are based on the morph-functional features of the epidermis.  The basis of SPRS therapy is the use of fibroblasts (building cells of the skin), it can be both own cells and donor.  The difference of this method can be a combination of cellular material with the necessary complex of therapeutic trace elements to balance the skin regeneration.

results after sprs therapy

Most often, this method is used:

  •   As a preventive means of rejuvenation at the biological level
  •   Slowing down the rate of skin aging
  •   Seasonal recovery (after winter or summer)
  •   Genetic predisposition to early signs of aging

Method of using bio-hormonal identical pellets:

In other words, the technology can be called a chip of beauty and youth, the principle of action is aimed at regulating the balance of hormonal levels, or activating the certain hormones to express the result.  The basis of the method are biologically active analogues of human hormones, which are completely safe and harmless to the patient.  Before the introduction of bio pellets, it is necessary to screen the patient’s health to clearly determine the subspecies of the hormone and its dosage.

It is recommended to use bio pellets for patients:

  •    With swelling of the face and body
  •    With loss of skin quality (sagging, porosity, oiliness or excessive dryness)
  •    With excess areas of fat that do not allow to achieve smooth contours of the face and figure
  •    With rapid aging during menopause

anti aging in menopause

A variety of methods of biological correction of signs of skin aging in combination with therapeutic drugs allows us to achieve balanced, competent and predictable results of skin health and youth management.

Personalized approach

Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, which we will try to understand in order to achieve a coordinated work of all chains of the body and be reborn at a new biological age.

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