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The bone skeleton is the basic structure of the human body, at any age it bears the main load.

Traumatology and orthopedics from BioAge

The bone skeleton is the basic structure of the human body, at any age it bears the main load. The ability to move freely, move easily, and exercise on a daily basis seems to be the norm for a healthy person, but as soon as this opportunity is lost, one realizes the key role of a healthy spine and joints. In many cases, degenerative changes in bone tissue can be prevented if you pay attention to this issue in time, listen to the body, analyze areas of constrained movements or pain sensations. Carrying out a full-fledged diagnosis of changes in bone tissue, our goal of treatment is to achieve regeneration of damaged areas, eliminate inflammatory process, reduce spasm and stiffness of muscle tissue, restore mobility and painlessness of joints. The variability of innovative methods allows for complete cure or, in severe cases, significant relief.

Traumatology and orthopedics are closely related, since they simultaneously solve the problem with joints caused by physical, mechanical, or chemical effects.

Different degrees of damage entail different types of treatment and prevention of the disease.

Most frequent requests for treatment in traumatology:

  •  Degenerative processes in the joints – arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle atrophy, osteoarthritis, pathologist in the development of the spine
  •  Congenital and acquired deformities of the joints, spine
  •  Rheumatic diseases (diverticulitis, arthritis, nephropathy, osteoarthritis)
  •  Injuries, fractures, injuries

In modern medicine, fundamentally new methods of treating degenerative conditions of joints, ligaments, and muscular system have appeared, based on biotechnological techniques.


joint prp treatment

Most often, this method is used to eliminate pain and inflammatory syndrome.  The methodology of this therapy is based on the use of venous blood and the isolation of plasma from it.  Plasma is consist of with a large number of platelets, growth factors, which has a beneficial effect on relieving pain, increasing muscle mobility, eliminating spasm and restoring cartilaginous joints.

The drug is injected into the joint or the place of the pain point, it is recommended to use it 3 to 7 times with a break between sessions up to 2 weeks.


svf treatment of joints

The simplest method for solving minor complications with ligaments (with incomplete ruptures), with limited mobility of certain joints, bruises, stretch marks, inflammatory processes, degenerative processes in the joints of the 1st degree is using the SVF therapy method.

The basis of the method is the patient’s own adipose tissue, also called auto-fat.  This is a stromal-vascular fraction, which is isolated from adipose tissue by laboratory means.  The drug consists with cells of growth factors, which have a high therapeutic effect:

  1.  stimulate the synthesis of anti-inflammatory protein compounds
  2.  eliminate pain syndrome
  3.  correct soft tissue and bone and cartilage defects

All manipulation is done in 1 procedure, takes up to 2 hours.  With minor lesions – the effect of SVF therapy from 6 months.  Up to 1 year, depending on the affected area, the degree of deformation.


stem cells treatment of joints лікування суглобів стовбурові клітинии

The next method of treatment is the use of MSC cells (they can be either their own or donated ones).  The biomaterial is preparing by taking adipose tissue from the abdominal zone (inner leg zone …).  The material is sent to the laboratory for the cultivation of the required number of cells (this is preliminary from 3-5 weeks).  When cells multiply, biotechnology carefully selects young, non-mutated cell families to maintain the potency of the drug.

The dosage of the drug and the frequency of injections are determined by the doctor based on the disease, its severity and combination with therapeutic methods of recovery.

The method of treatment with MSC cells is used for severe degenerative complications and disorders of the bone-skeletal mass (arthritis, arthritis, gout, processes of bone tissue destruction of the 2-3 categories).


лечение суставов стволовые клетки

( stem cells treatment of spinal injury in dynamics)

This method is used for severe forms of destructive processes in the skeletal system, after injuries, in conditions with parallel complications.  For many patients with severe injuries, this is the only way to improve their condition, to avoid disability, and sometimes death.  These cells are a source of renewal and restoration of such connective tissues as bone, cartilaginous.

Before starting the procedure, the patient passes the entire complex of tests, which are also considered indicators for the use of stem therapy.

To obtain bone marrow cells, the patient undergoes a puncture from the ilium under anesthesia.  This is a completely painless procedure.  Cell cultivation also takes 3-5 weeks.

The introduction of cells takes place under hardware diagnostic control and takes from 60-80 minutes.  The doctor, based on the disease and its complexity, determines the required dosage and the number of injections.

The effectiveness of the procedure is the highest, based on all existing treatment methods in traumatology and orthopedics.

Results after using stem therapy:

  •  Cells differentiate into cartilaginous tissue, which slows down the process of joint degeneration
  •  Improves the function of the joint (the ability to avoid prosthetic)
  •  Connective tissue is restored in places of deformation, damage
  •  Inflammatory processes, concomitant chronic vascular complications are eliminated

Improving the quality of life of patients with diseases of the mitochondrial system, postponing or canceling surgery is the main goal of biotechnological therapy in BIOAGE!

Personalized approach

Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, which we will try to understand in order to achieve a coordinated work of all chains of the body and be reborn at a new biological age.

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  • good results
  • moving without pain
  • delay of surgery
  • bone restoration


The innovations that we use in health improvement and anti-age methods are completely safe, have no contraindications, no allergic reactions, they are fully compatible with the human body and are certified by the Ministry of Health.


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Traumatology and orthopedics in BioAge.

The bone skeleton is the basic structure of the human body, at any age it bears the main load.

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