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Skin condition is a multi-component reflection of inner health, genetic youth, home care efforts, skin hydration and nutrition.

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Skin condition is a multi-component reflection of inner health, genetic youth, home care efforts, skin hydration and nutrition. Even when performing the entire range of necessary procedures, skin effort is inevitable, due to the growing loss of healthy fibroblasts, which could fundamentally build up the density, elasticity, and tug of the skin. Various methods of rejuvenation come to the rescue, allowing the skin to replenish the reserves of fibroblasts, nourish it with vitamins and microelements, remove inflammation and even out the skin texture, regulate the level of hormones and restore the function of self-regulation and regeneration.

Age-related changes in the skin appear gradually, and in each period of life, causing morphological, biochemical changes in the structure and function of the epidermis.

We will analyze the main groups of skin aging at different time periods.  It will start with a group of people over the age of 30, when the first noticeable signs of changes in skin quality usually appear.


During this period, most of both men and women look good, but unnoticed for them comes a period of wilting.  This period can be classified by the main changes:

  • Growth of the stratum corneum
  • The rate of division of basal cells decreases
  • Decreases the production of collagen and elastin (scientists have established a direct effect of age on reducing the % of collagen: 1% loss every year)
  • Violation of skin micro circulation (lack of nutrition, accelerates the aging process and cell degeneration)
  • Muscular dystonia – decreased muscle tone, mainly in the neck, face (the forehead muscles contract, forming transverse wrinkles and creases, the heavier cheek muscles sag down, forming ptosis)


омоложение лица rejuvenation after 30


While the skin is still young enough and performs almost all the functionality of self-regeneration and restoration, BIOAGE specialists do not offer active care and aggressive procedures so as not to artificially age the skin ahead of time.  Among the techniques that completely restore the beginning aging processes are used:

  1.   plasma therapy (improves the nutrition of all layers of the skin, nourishes with the necessary elements, restores the color and texture of the skin)
  2.  autocryolysate (platelet preparation from one’s own blood, which eliminates all inflammatory processes, is saturated with growth factors, which make cells actively divide and regenerate).


Physiological age-related changes become more active, all of the above-described problems become more pronounced and noticeable.  They will be joined by additional elements of skin aging:

  • Reducing the thickness of the upper layer – epidermis
  • Partial atrophy of the sebaceous glands
  • Collagen fibers become thicker, which provokes a thickening of the connective tissue, some of the fibers stick together or disintegrate, forming deep folds.
  • Decreases the amount of mucopolysaccharides, which leads to dehydration of the skin

At this age, crow’s feet around the eyes become pronounced.  The skin in this area is the thinnest, under it there is a small layer of hypo dermis, the absence of almost sebaceous glands, which protects against the effects of external factors, because the severity of aging factors is maximally high.

In the same period, other areas of the face also lend themselves to noticeable changes:

  •  the nasolabial fold becomes more visible
  •  neck skin, longitudinal wrinkles are formed, double chin
  •  flew appear, paint bags


rejuvenation after 30

Patients over 40 years old need to thoroughly approach the inhibition of aging processes, restore the internal matrix of the skin and improve the external quality of the skin.  In our biotechnological programs, we enhance the therapeutic effect of rejuvenation using the following methods:

  1.   intradermal meso therapy with a placental drug (actively nourishes, moisturizes the skin, starts metabolic functions)
  2.   therapy with stem cells (fibroblasts).  Therapy is aimed at renewal and regeneration of skin cells, restoration of the function of collagenogenesis, restoration of skin texture – turgor)
  3.   auto fat (lipofilling) for the restoration of structural connections in the layers of the skin, elimination of age-related manifestations (wrinkles, creases, dryness, irritation, inflammatory areas)


The age of the most rapid age-related changes, they appear like an avalanche one after another, and have the character of deep deformations and degenerative processes.

  • The skin becomes even thinner
  • Fatty tissue becomes even less, which is noticeable by the displacement of the skin
  • Changes in skin type to dry, parchment
  • Slow regeneration processes
  • Increasing alkaline environment
  • Decreased barrier function

This period coincides with the periods of hormonal changes in women and men, because a sharp decrease in hormones leads to changes, both external and internal.  In patients, the oval of the face changes noticeably, it seems to float, the process of hyper pigmentation of the skin intensifies, external changes are very pronounced.

Mandatory therapy for rejuvenating patients in this age 50+ :

rejuvenation after 50

  1. BIO hormonal identical pellets, which are able to restore the balance of hormones in the body in a short time, and improve the condition of the skin, its quality (remove puffiness, make it denser, maintain the function of internal lifting)
  2. Stem cell therapy can be combined: external and internal rejuvenation, because the direct dependence on the state of the body as a whole, its health and the preservation of functionality is reflected in the external appearance.
  3. A complex of placental preparations that are saturated with growth factors, amino acids, antioxidants – to prevent skin aging.

Each patient has his own individual type of aging, with its own external manifestations, therefore BIOAGE experts, evaluating the factors of external changes and internal health of the patient, determine a program for effective age management.

Together with us you can prolong your youth and health balance!

Personalized approach

Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, which we will try to understand in order to achieve a coordinated work of all chains of the body and be reborn at a new biological age.

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