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Hair treatment using stem cells and plasma therapy

Another indicator of our health is hair. Their density, brilliance, strength, and even color are directly related to the physiological parameters of the state of internal organs, vital systems, lifestyle, habits and genetics.

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Another indicator of our health is hair. Their density, brilliance, strength, and even color are directly related to the physiological parameters of the state of internal organs, vital systems, lifestyle, habits and genetics. Alternative methods of care and treatment can cope with any problem of improving the condition of the hair, the purpose of which is to improve the nutrition of the bulbs, stimulate growth, thicken the hair structure, balance hormones and blood biochemical parameters.

The question of beautiful hair is relevant for both men and women.  Healthy, thick, well-groomed hair always attracts the attention of the opposite sex.  But during different age stages, problems may arise with the quality of the hair, its condition, the frequency of loss or complete baldness.

Trichology notes the most common problems from patients:

  •   loss of color, dry hair
  •   itching in the scalp
  •   dandruff
  •   earlier graying of hair
  •   poor hair growth
  •   frequent hair loss, zonal or complete baldness

Disruption of the sebaceous glands, poor blood flow cause excessive secretion of sebum, or vice versa, its lack affects the appearance of the hair, its structure and density.  If you ignore the primary symptoms, the condition can develop into a seborrhea disease that needs to be treated.  Against the background of excessive fat secretion, a fungus appears, which is a consequence of a decrease in immunity, stress factors, and improper drug treatment.

лечение волос hair treatment


  1.  Plasma therapy (preparation from venous blood, plasma is the basis of treatment).  The method improves blood circulation (accelerates oxygen circulation, restores metabolism in the bulbs), normalizes the secretion of the sebaceous glands.
  2.  Autocryolysate (a drug enriched with platelets, which relieve inflammation, regulate the nutrition of the bulbs and cell regeneration, and growth factors that promote hair germination, increase their density).

On average, a person loses up to 100 hairs a day, in place of which new ones grow.  If the daily allowance is higher, it may be a sign of incipient baldness.  The reasons for the appearance of alopecia are  always in  internal nature of the disorders:

  •   hormonal imbalance
  •   stress factor
  •  genetic inheritance
  •  the consequences of chemical damage to hair

Baldness treatment

The choice of treatment method depends on the condition of the hair follicles, hormonal levels, and general health.  Analyzing the situation as a whole, the doctor understands exactly which therapy method to use to improve the condition of the hair.

  1.  Bio-identical hormone therapy (based on natural biological components that are identical to the chemical formula of human hormones. They are able to achieve balance of hormones in the body, thereby neutralizing the detrimental effect of excess testosterone on hair condition.
  2.  Stem cell therapy is aimed to resume the regeneration of hair follicle cells, restoring growth function, renewing nerve endings.  But the effectiveness of treatment depends on the degree of degenerative disorders.

hair treatment

There are many reasons for the deterioration of hair quality, their condition, from the abuse of care products to serious violations of the body’s functions.  In trichologyl therapy programs, we use tools of different etiologies that directly affect the problem associated with deteriorating hair condition.

Personalized approach

Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, which we will try to understand in order to achieve a coordinated work of all chains of the body and be reborn at a new biological age.

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