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Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, which we will try to understand in order to achieve a coordinated work of all chains of the body and be reborn at a new biological age.

Improve brain activity with BioAge

The ability of the human brain is not overly normalized, but so far we have not learned to use its superpower. The ability to enhance the work of the brain center is given by the program of activation and stimulation of individual parts of the brain, which is expressed in composure, a high rate of working capacity, system thinking, multitasking, efficiency of actions, logical connections … This is an additional advantage when solving over problems, or processing a large amount of information, systematizing knowledge and skills.

Mental activity accompanies us constantly over day and night, only in different forms of intensity.  Brain rhythm has the property of neuronal oscillations that depend on many factors that affect high and low cognitive functions.

In medicine, to increase brain activity, we set ourselves two tasks:

  •  To protect the brain from diffuse and age-related changes (dementia, focal inflammation, “starvation” of the brain center).
  •  To increase the neuroplasticity of the centers of the brain, which will make it possible to solve more complex and intellectual tasks and the development of thinking skills

There are eight types of eclectic brain oscillation, depending on the functionality:

  1. Alpha rhythm is a state of rest and relaxation, as soon as the functional activity of the brain increases, this type of vibration almost completely disappears.
  2. Beta rhythm is a state of high cognitive function: memory, concentration, attention. With physical activity and tactile sensations, it decreases.
  3. Gama rhythm – the solution of highly intellectual problems with a high percentage of immersion.
  4. Delta rhythm – brain recovery during sleep.
  5. Theta waves – an intermediate stage of wakefulness, turning into sleep.
  6. Capa rhythm – localized more in the temporal part, with the suppression of the alpha rhythm in a situation with moderate mental activity.
  7. Mu-waves – are observed in not all patients (10-15%), with high mental stress.
  8. Tau-rhythm – blockade of high sound signals.

To assess the state of the brain activity of a particular patient, one must understand the prevalence of different rhythms under the influence of different factors.

Treatment with biotechnology methods always implies an assessment of the neural state of the brain, the identification of dominant rhythms, possible neurodegenerative processes.

improving brain activity


Definitions of hidden factors of psycho emotional disorders, anxiety, sometimes depression, patient’s age, inflammatory processes in the body, bad habits and their abuse are also closely intertwined with the activity of the brain center.


Decreased cognitive activity, the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills, memory impairment, abstract thinking are the main symptoms of age-related changes in mental activity.  Atrophic vascular changes begin to develop in the brain, and the presence of cardiovascular diseases has a direct connection with brain activity.

The main treatment remains the treatment or prevention of blood vessels, restoration of the deficiency of vitamin components (B12, B9, B3, and thiamine), and preparations of compensatory function to restore neural connections.


A clear location of diffuse changes cannot be determined; they are considered a pathology of the brain as a whole, with a complex of complicating symptoms: impaired human performance, decreased memory, mental activity, decreased self-esteem, and interests.

The main problem of all disorders is a decrease in the electrical activity of the brain rhythms.

The goal of therapy is to restore neuroplasticity, that is, the ability of the brain to restore functions at the cellular level, to increase blood circulation in all parts of the brain for adequate nutrition and saturation with the necessary elements, to increase neuro metabolic processes.

улучшить умственные навыки to rise brain activity


  •  Activation of micro circulation and blood supply to the brain
  •  Restoration of the quality of blood vessels (getting rid of blood clots)
  •  improved conductivity between cells
  •  protecting the brain from damage and oxidation

The methods of treatment are associated with bio-correction of the body, using bio-identical hormonal pellets, stem cell therapy.  Depending on the complexity of the situation, the doctor determines the treatment program.  The therapy functionality is aimed at:

  •  restoration of metabolic processes, normalization of immunity, circulatory and nervous systems
  •  increases receptor and neurotransmitter activity
  •  Prevention against headaches
  •  Improvement of brain nutrition, delivery of oxygen and glucose in the required quantity

In every condition of a patient with impaired mental or brain function, the BIOAGE team of specialists is ready to solve the problem and return it to a full life.

Personalized approach

Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, which we will try to understand in order to achieve a coordinated work of all chains of the body and be reborn at a new biological age.

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The innovations that we use in health improvement and anti-age methods are completely safe, have no contraindications, no allergic reactions, they are fully compatible with the human body and are certified by the Ministry of Health.


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