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Increasing libido with bio identical hormonal pellet in BioAge

Reduced libido in women is not always an age-related symptom, and many at first attribute everything to physical or emotional stress, to a trimester in a cycle or situational moments.

Increased libido from BioAge

Reduced libido in women is not always an age-related symptom, and many at first attribute everything to physical or emotional stress, to a trimester in a cycle or situational moments. And the fact that libido is one of the mechanism of launching youth, vigor, beauty but we remembered about it very late. Bio identical programs for the return of sexual desire reconfigure the hormonal level of a woman in a mild, symptomatic way of correction, forcing the body to wake up and restart the functions of pleasure given by nature. A surge of vitality, activity, good mood will be a great bonus.

The female libido is a function of sex drive, desire.  At different stages of life, sexual desire takes on different forms of activity.  Libido can partially subside as a reaction to strong nervous shocks, restructuring of the body after an illness, heavy loads on the mental and physical nature.

If sexual desire does not arise for 6 months in a row, while fantasy or visualization does not bring feelings of desire, we can talk about libido dysfunction, a sharp decrease or loss of sensitivity.

Reasons for decreased libido

  1. Hormonal decline
  2. Side effects of certain medications
  3. Chronic diseases occurring in latent or active form
  4. Neurological disorders

For each of the reasons, BioAge specialists are ready to cope and return to the woman a sense of self-sufficiency, satisfaction and psychological comfort.

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Decreased libido with hormonal disorders:

It is not necessary that the imbalance of hormones occur in women only during menopause, such symptoms can be in very young girls.  The main criteria of female attraction to a man can be hormones:

  •  Testosterone deficiency
  •  Excess prolactin
  •  Dysfunction of the thyroid gland

Restoration of libido in case of hormonal imbalance using bio-hormonal pellets:

A prerequisite for receiving the correct treatment is a detailed diagnosis of the patient and the establishment of the reasons.  After a complete health screening, the doctor forms the necessary complex of bio-identical hormonal pellets and their dosage in order to achieve the internal hormonal balance.

The advantages of this method:

  • 100% biological basis of pellets
  • Has no contraindications, complications, addiction, allergic reactions
  • Does not require ancillary drug therapy
  • Doesn’t load the liver
  • Stably keeps hormonal levels in balance throughout the entire duration of the pellet
  • Ukraine and most countries in Europe and America certify the product
  • Has been used in therapy for over 18 years (more than 10,000 studies have been conducted)

The action of the hormonal pellet is for 7-8 months.  In active action.

Decreased libido with drug intoxication:

The only correct method for correcting such a condition is a complete cleansing of the body at the cellular level, the effect of using therapeutic agents on the regulation of the work of the liver, pancreas, improving metabolism, restoring all vital systems of the body.

Elimination of intoxication of the body goes in parallel with the detailing of the patient’s health and the search for compensatory treatment methods that do not harm the body.  With the right approach to restoring the body, the libido function awakens.

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Decreased libido with diseases of a different nature:

Diagnosis and a complete examination are at the core of recovery.  Only after analyzing the complete picture of the patient’s health and the therapy he is taking, it is possible to offer intensive rehabilitation and recovery programs.

Basic libido recovery programs

  1.   Combined drug therapy, which allows to improve biochemical hormonal, morphological and functional indicators, eliminate of inflammation, improve the functioning of all internal organs, achieve remission or alleviate symptoms.
  2.  Stem cell therapy (starting cell regeneration and body renewal, restoration of damaged functions)

Decreased libido in neurological problems:

We try to treat patients with such disorders using the method of combine treatment: drug therapy + bio-identical hormonal pellets.  In addition, a psychologist / psychiatrist can be connected to this scheme, depending on the severity of neurological manifestations.

We have great respect and love for every woman, readiness to support and help at any period of her life!

Individual approach

Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, in which we will try to figure it out in order to achieve a coordinated work of all body chains and help you to be reborn at a new biological age.

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The innovations that we use in health improvement and anti-age methods are completely safe, have no contraindications, do not cause allergic reactions, are fully compatible with the human body and are certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


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