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Not everyone has a high level of efficiency, concentration, accuracy in performing system tasks, and it seems that it is no longer possible to improve oneself.

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Not everyone has a high level of efficiency, concentration, accuracy in performing system tasks, and it seems that it is no longer possible to improve oneself. But this is a delusion, because there are bio levers of influence on our brain, which can activate individual areas responsible for the speed of reaction, attentiveness, data systematization, memory, perseverance and active mental work for a long time.

The problem of not being able to concentrate, process a sufficiently large amount of information, build logical connections or make a quick decision is quite common in everyday life.  Many patients do not pay enough attention to this, but when the problem is systematic, or long-term periodic, then patients begin to look for a solution to the problem.

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  • Most often, such problems appeared when:
  • Great mental stress (most often monotonous)
  • Temporary commitment to work
  • Lack of positive emotions associated with mental activity
  • No change in activity
  • Violation of the daily routine

The question of why a loss of mental potential occurs is directly related to neural connections in the brain, and their cyclical work.  They can both stimulate and suppress the work of other systems.  Cyclicality is important in the brain for proper recovery.  During this period, the nutritional processes of the brain should be restored, new neural connections should be organized, from which structural changes will occur.

The main factors that renew neural connections are:

 To regulate system of sleeping and activity:

However, many patients, due to their lifestyle or work schedule, cannot achieve regulation of circadian rhythms.  Here our specialists come to the rescue, ready to solve this problem.

The solution to the problem is the introduction of bio-identical hormonal pellets, which are based on the hormone that regulates sleep – melatonin.  It sets the mind to relax and speeds up the sleep process.  Melatonin adjusts the body’s internal clock to indicate sleep and wake times.

Fight against hypodynamia:

This is a problem for all modern people, because every year the level of physical activity decreases, thereby causing problems of a related nature.  An obligatory daily load for the body is physical activity for 1 hour.  It can be walking, aerobics, yoga, sports exercises, and exercise in the workplace.

With a lack of internal strength and energy to engage in physical activity, we also apply the bio hormone testosterone, which will give an internal boost to activity and additional energy.

With the problem of excess weight associated with physical inactivity, in our practice excellent results are shown by the composition of the bio-identical hormone metformin, which activates metabolic processes, significantly reduces appetite, burns excess fatty tissue, lowers sugar in the body, and improves the functioning of the digestive system.

To relax in right way:

The relaxation process is very important for the recovery of the body, namely the neurovascular system, a change in the static load on the work of all muscles, which improves the processes of blood supply, nutrition and detoxification, and improves the psycho-emotional state.

to sleep better


However, there are patients who, even on vacation, cannot relax, get positive emotions.  In addition, this is where our methods of regulating hormonal balance using bio-identical pellets come to the rescue.  The combination of hormones, based on a complete analysis of the patient’s condition, makes it possible to select an individual pellet ratio, which will eliminate:

  • Emotional stress
  • Improve sleep
  •  Increasing the flow of energy and vivacity
  • Eliminate muscle spasm and relax
  •  Improving your mood
  • Allow to restart the activation of mental activity and physical strength

Eliminating or reducing the impact of bad habits:

The main effect of smoking and alcohol is intoxication of the body, which accumulates over time and has devastating consequences both for brain activity and for the body as a whole.

The program of individual selection of infusions for detoxification of the body helps to eliminate accumulated decay products, heavy metals; update the liver, eliminate areas of inflammation, balance the biochemical and hormonal composition of the blood, regulate the work of the cardiovascular system, improve nutrition and hydration of the body.

Considering  symptomatically of each individual patient, our doctors form a personalized treatment program with an expected 100% result.

Personalized approach

Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, which we will try to understand in order to achieve a coordinated work of all chains of the body and be reborn at a new biological age.

Find out the price of brain superpower with biohormonal pellets and stem cells

How important high self-esteem is for a man, only the man himself can say. Self-satisfaction from male power inspires the male half to many feats for women.

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  • brain activity
  • concentration
  • multitasking


The innovations that we use in health improvement and anti-age methods are completely safe, have no contraindications, no allergic reactions, they are fully compatible with the human body and are certified by the Ministry of Health.


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