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It is generally accepted that women are more susceptible to stress. But this is another myth, just men are trying not to react emotionally, they experience it inside, hiding behind indifference.

Antistress from BioAge

It is generally accepted that women are more susceptible to stress. But this is another myth, just men are trying not to react emotionally, they experience it inside, hiding behind indifference. So much the worse for them, because the body thus stays in a longer tension, increased nervous stress, high heart rate, and as a result, withdrawal through alcohol or smoking. The program of restoration of the body’s barrier functions, which will reduce the susceptibility to stressful situations, regulate the balance of internal peace, equilibrium, self-adaptation to stimuli.

It is not always possible to control your emotions because the psycho-emotional state depends on external factors, internal well-being, adaptive abilities, etc.

Under stress, the hormone cortisone is released, it actively affects the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, which malfunctions in other functional organs.  Constant stress forms a number of complex disorders in the body’s work:

  •  sleep disturbance
  •  decrease or increase in body weight (depends on the behavioral factors of the person)
  •  a constant feeling of anxiety, anxiety
  •  disorder of the digestive system

If you do not deal with the correction of your psychological state in the early stages, later you will need to deal with the treatment of diseases that have arisen as a consequence of stress.

stress treatment

The state of increased excitability can develop over time into:

  •   hypertension, arrhythmia, strokes
  •   gastritis, ulcers, colitis
  •   psoriasis and other dermatological problems
  •  depression, panic attacks

Scientists have brought the following statistics, in which the action of stress wears out the body by almost 40%.  Stress hormones suppress neural connections at the cellular level, interrupting the creation of neural circuits and connections.  Therefore, when the connection weakens, the balanced work of the body as a whole is disrupted.

The basic methods of restoring the body are quite simple and everyone can do it without medical assistance: the alternation of mental and physical labor, a normalized sleep regime, proper nutrition, minimizing the harm of bad habits, sports, yoga, hobbies, etc.

But there are clinical conditions when the patient cannot independently, without medical help, put himself in order, when stress has passed into a destructive phase and has a degenerative effect at the cellular level.

If the patient is unable to cope with his psycho emotional state on his own, and even more with concomitant violations of the functions of regulatory systems and organs, our team of specialists offers personalized recovery programs using the biological power of technologies and the resource of the human body.

лікування ускладнень від стресу

Bio technologies in the treatment of stress complications:

 – A complex of bio-cocktails in the form of intravenous infusions, which are aimed to clean the body at the cellular level, restoring neural connections, reducing excitability and susceptibility, strengthening the elasticity of blood vessels, eliminating inflammatory foci, regulating nutrition, fortifying and balancing the body’s PH.

 – Placenta injections are aimed at restoring the body as a whole, strengthening the immune system, regulating blood biochemical parameters, removing the body’s resistance, regenerating and renewing the cellular level.

 – Method of bio-identical correction of hormonal levels, the ability to control and stabilize hormonal levels.  It is stress, age-related changes, the way of life that respond to a decrease in the production of necessary hormones.  A complete examination of the body provides direct indications for health regulation.  With bio pellets, you can achieve unique results:

  1.  losing weight
  2.  increase libido and erection
  3.  improving mental ability
  4.  regulation of sleep and vigor
  5.  elimination of depression and migraines
  6.  good mood
  7.  high efficiency

 – The use of stem cell therapy is good for patients with pronounced signs of complications: functional (organ diseases), neuro degenerative (brain disorders), supporting (skeletal system), immune, etc.  The therapy is based on replacing damaged cells with new ones, which promotes cell regeneration.

Eliminating the causes and consequences of a stressful nature, allows the patient to enjoy a completely different quality of life, to live fully and actively!

Personalized approach

Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, which we will try to understand in order to achieve a coordinated work of all chains of the body and be reborn at a new biological age.

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