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The program for the complex restoration of the body is a balanced method of maintaining a person's physiological resources at the level of healthy indicators of life cycles.


The aging of the body cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed down.  This is the motto of this method of aesthetic skin rejuvenation.

Decreased number of active cell matrix, malnutrition and hydration of the dermis, reduction of cells of collagen genesis, destruction of the internal structure – forced biotechnologists to delve into the analysis of cells to restore biological functions.

The solution was found in the context of growing new, young and healthy fibroblasts, and the introduction of the planned volume in the epidermal layer, which fills the balance of self-regulation of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, nourishes the skin and its health.

This is a method of naturally restoring the health and youth of the skin.

In each case, rejuvenation is a separate recovery program that includes an analysis of the type of skin aging, the properties of the skin to recover, the biological resource of reproduction and cell division.  Based on biochemical tests and a skin health passport, the doctor creates a program of individual rejuvenation.  The program can be built only on the use of cellular material, but also with the use of combinatorial combination of blood plasma, growth factors, platelet preparations.

The pronounced effect of rejuvenation is observed in the following indicators:

– increase skin elasticity

– reducing the visibility of wrinkles (or smoothing the depth of pronounced wrinkles)

– skin tightening effect

– fullness of the skin

– even skin tone

– elimination of all inflammatory manifestations (acne, pimples, post acne, scratches, scars)

Introduced fibroblasts work throughout the life of the cell, while in comparison with the existing quality of fibroblasts, they are more active and functionally meet the parameters of young skin.

The basic rejuvenation program consists of 4 stages:

1) skin biopsy for cell culture

2) analysis of the skin passport and the main sections of the patient’s health

3) intradermal injection of fibroblasts

4) stimulation of regeneration processes

The effect of the procedure begins to work from the first day, increasing the maximum effectiveness to 21 days.  Active cell division takes place in a period of up to 3 months, so in this period of time it is not recommended to introduce other drugs of chemical composition, which are usually used with the effect of rejuvenation.

Advantages of the method over other procedures:

– stimulates physiological cell renewal

– there are no allergic manifestations and other negative reactions of the body

– the possibility of combining with other bio technologies to prolong the effect

– rejuvenation program based on individual parameters of the skin passport

– long-lasting effect

– inhibition of aging processes

Satisfaction index after the rejuvenation procedure:





All patients note a significant improvement in the condition of the skin, reducing the severity of age-related changes, restoring the properties characteristic of young skin.  The use of aggressive methods of grinding, peeling is reduced, as the skin is able to repair itself.  The percentage of use of age creams and injection procedures decreases.

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Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, which we will try to understand in order to achieve a coordinated work of all chains of the body and be reborn at a new biological age.

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