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Fat deposits are always a problem, and not only of an aesthetic nature, but also as an indicator of malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract, excess glucose production, hormonal imbalance ...

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Fat deposits are always a problem, and not only of an aesthetic nature, but also as an indicator of malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract, excess glucose production, hormonal imbalance … Just ignoring it for a long time will not work, as the consequences will sooner or later appear in the form of various diseases. Depending on the amount of excess weight, we offer a passive or active weight loss program, which is aimed not only at burning fat, but also changing the functional settings of the body for self-cleaning and active metabolism.

The problem of male obesity or excess weight is already looks like as part of an ordinary normalized life.  The percentage of men who are overweight at the age of 40 reaches almost 62%.  This indicator is simply huge, just because men do not perceive weight as a threat to health.  In addition, the aesthetic side of excess adipose tissue does not upset men, because there is a stereotype that the main thing for a man is not his appearance, but his financial position, opportunities, charisma, etc.

The questions ware conducted among overweight men whether they want to lose weight or are satisfied with everything.  Almost 86% said they wanted, but at the same time, they were not ready for increased physical activity, to change their lifestyle and habits.

There is some regularity in the hormonal structure of men: from the age of 30-40, the testosterone level begins to decline, but the hormone estrogen remains at a high level, cortisol and insulin, stress hormones, also grow rapidly.  As a result, men over 35 have all the signs of a decrease in testosterone and high estrogen.  Symptoms of manifestations not only in a decrease in potency and libido, but also changes in appearance, mood, physical endurance, activity of mental potential.

Age is not the only reason for these changes; we often meet young people who are obese.  This is because adipose tissue contains an enzyme such as aromatase – it converts testosterone into the female hormone estrogen.  For a woman, this is normal, and even necessary in the process of childbirth.  For a man, this is a manifestation of hormonal imbalance.  Indeed, testosterone itself is a strong hormone that triggers metabolic processes in the body, if there is a deficiency; it turns into a female hormone, which accumulates fat packs in the body.

The main groups of changes in a man to lose weight:

  •  The metabolic process slows down
  •   Muscle mass is lost, adipose tissue grows
  •   Pronounced hormonal changes

If we talk about the causes of obesity, they have practically not changed in recent years: a decrease in physical activity, a violation of a balanced diet and its frequency during the day, abuse of bad habits, stress and the inability to stop it on our own.  Therefore, extra pounds, problems with the digestive system, hormonal disorders, sexual dysfunction, etc.


похудение с помощью био пеллет weight lose with bio pellet

The problem of modern society, first of all, is laziness, you want to get all the changes and improvements without applying special efforts, from this and not the desire to help your own body to replenish the physiological resource.

Today, bio-hormone replacement therapy is engaged in solving this problem, the purpose of which is to replenish the hormonal imbalance that has arisen in the body with the power of biologically active, natural components.  Through an identical molecular coincidence, the body perceives these bio-hormones as its own.

There are no side effects, allergies, complications and special contraindications (determined by the doctor).

After a complete screening of the body, the doctor determines the cause of the disorders, their nature of impact and correction.  Selecting an individual complex of hormones and dosage, the doctor gently evens out the hormonal background, eliminates unwanted symptoms, and prevents chronic development or the course of complications.

Only a qualified specialist who can correctly determine the necessary composition and dosage of hormones in order to restore the physiological nature of a man.


The first 10-14 days after installing the pellet, the body compensates for the lack of certain hormones, or reduces the activity of unwanted manifestations.  The maximum result the patient receive in the first 3-5 months after administration, the patient can lose up to 20 or more kilograms without much effort and heavy physical activity.  Further, the body maintains the formed result.

weight lose stem cells

The action of the bio hormonal pellet is working for 7-8 months, during which time you can achieve the desired result and fix it.

We have very significant results in changing the appearance of our male patients, we are proud of their willpower to save and increase the result!

Personalized approach

Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, which we will try to understand in order to achieve a coordinated work of all chains of the body and be reborn at a new biological age.

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