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The program for the complex restoration of the body is a balanced method of maintaining a person's physiological resources at the level of healthy indicators of life cycles.

Bioidentical hormonal pellets (treatment and rejuvenation)

Youth is synonymous with health, as it is often compared to sparkling wine, where exciting bubbles stimulate the appetite, lift the mood, give an influx of vitality, energy, sexual attractiveness, confidence.  In addition, the body, when young, is a full vessel of sparkling wine, but with age the number of bubbles decreases rapidly, while deteriorating the quality of the drink.

It is impossible to remain beyond age and the aging process, but there are technologies that can slow down time, fill it with joy, good mood, and healthy appearance.

Bioidentical hormonal pellets.

The name itself reveals the nature and composition of the drug, placing the right emphasis on the biological formula, a mild effect on the body, no contraindications, and allergic reactions.

Bio hormonal pellets have been actively used in the world’s therapeutic practice for more than 18 years to correct and treat a number of diseases, symptoms, and improve the quality of life.  The product is certified in all countries, also in Ukraine in the Ministry of Health since 2019.  The use of pellets can only be performed by licensed physicians trained by the drug supplier.

When comparing different methods of correction of hormonal background (pills, gels, injections of chemical composition), which are filtered through the liver, bio pellets are absorbed directly through the blood supply system, without putting pressure on the heart or other organs.

Here are just some of the diseases that use bio pellets:

– diabetes

– Neuro-degenerative disorders (Parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s,)

– Recovery from Lyme disease, strokes

– Treatment of obesity

– Treatment of sexual dysfunction

– Treatment of depression

– Treatment of symptoms of chronic fatigue

– increase potency

– Treatment of sleep disorders

– Elimination of symptoms during menopause (headaches, irritability, loss of strength, nervousness)

– Correction of hormonal imbalance

– Treatment of dermatological problems (acne, cellulite, sagging skin, swelling)

– Treatment of problems in trichology

The composition of bioidentical hormonal pellets:

Formulas of biological components that are part of the pellets, 100% plant-based extracts of unique plants, which are identical in formula to chemical bonds and compounds of human hormones.  This once again proves their naturalness and harmlessness to the human body, easy adaptation inside and high results when used.

Where is the bio pellet implanted?

The introduction of bio pellets is carried out through a special port into the gluteal muscle, pre-anesthetizing it.  After installation, the injection site is processed.  If the patient wishes to implant the pellet during general sedation, we can also provide the following option.  There are no special restrictions after the procedure.

How the composition is selected for each patient:

The basis of the basics in setting the correct composition of pellets – is a detailed diagnosis of the patient’s health, assessment of hormonal background, biochemical composition of blood, analysis of inflammatory processes and chronic diseases.  After analyzing all the data on the test results and communicating with the patient on the current complaints and symptoms, the doctor determines the corrective composition and dosage of bio hormone needed to achieve the result.

Duration of bio hormone:

On average, statistical analysis of performance is assessed over a period of 6 to 8 months.  But given the individual characteristics of each person, the effect can reach up to 10 months.  The tendency of prolongation at additional involvement in physical activity, regulation of a food, brain activity is especially accurately traced.

The effectiveness of the introduction of bio hormonal pellets:

After installation of bio pellets the body needs from 10-14 days for full saturation and equalization of the existing imbalance.  In cases of lower weight or high doses, satiety comes within a week and patients are already experiencing improvement.

Weight loss – with an excessively high fat mass index – in the first month there may be weight loss of 7-9 kg.  Blood glucose returns to normal within the third month.

With sexual dysfunction – most patients see the result after the first 7-8 days.

In neurological diseases – the results of improving memory, building logical chains – is noticeable in the second month, as about 21 days is the saturation of the hormone NADH and only then the manifestation of the result.

With the improvement of skin quality – the visible result of changes is expected from the second month, as initially there are internal changes in collagen genesis, cell nutrition, and only then is reflected in appearance.

   With chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, severe menopause – relief occurs after 14-16 days, as the treatment uses a complex of different components and doses, increased activity is achieved in 20 days.

What bio hormones are most often used for treatment?

Testosterone is a hormone that is present in both men and women.  It is an indicator of mood, vitality, activity, regulator of fat deposits, sexual desire.  In many treatment programs, this hormone is combined with other bio hormones to enhance effectiveness.

Metformin – regulates the balance of glucose in the body, helps remove excess fat, lowers bad cholesterol, reduces appetite, is one of the settings of anti-age therapy, which reduces the harmful effects on collagen cells.

NADH – a kind of switch of super brainpower and “carrier” of energy to all cells of the body, the main role of activating the nerve endings, strengthening the work of all parts of the brain center.

Estrogen – is responsible for youth and beauty, especially important in the period when you want to delay the onset of menopause, prevents premature aging of cells.

DHA – is responsible for the tone and health of our body, strengthens the immune system, stimulates cell division and regeneration, and improves metabolic processes.

Melatonin – a hormone of sleep, regulation of circadian rhythms (sleep and vitality), regulates thyroid function, blood pressure, reduces stress and stress.

Somatotropin – a fortress of our joints and bones, muscle tone.  It is its balance in the body that eliminates sagging skin, ptosis (sagging) of muscles.

This is by no means a complete list of bio-identical hormones used in the treatment or correction of age-related changes.  The variability of combinations depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, the age of the patient, the current history.

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