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It has been statistically shown that a number of diseases, namely neurological ones, are getting younger (the average age of patients suffering from various forms of neurodegenerative disorders has started from 44 years old).

Neurological diseases from BioAge

It has been statistically shown that a number of diseases, namely neurological ones, are getting younger (the average age of patients suffering from various forms of neurodegenerative disorders has started from 44 years old). An interesting fact is that for many patients it was the stress factor that served as a strong impetus, plus a genetic predisposition, inflammatory focal lesions, high emotional susceptibility, etc. Analyzing in detail the situation of each patient, we form a program of complex treatment of the disease, which allows the patient to significantly reduce nervous excitability, improve memory, systematic thinking, brain nutrition, eliminate inflammatory processes, reduce tremors of the limbs or body, improve vision and improve the quality of life and communication.

The nervous system is divided into two main zones: central and peripheral.  It is a rather complex system that permeates the entire human body, regulating all processes: self-preservation, functional work, perception, reaction.  It is thanks to nerve impulses that we can feel the fullness of life, perceive the smallest details, the versatility of forms, sensations.  Due to the complexity of the structure of the nervous system, neural connections, it is very easy to upset the balance, knock down the settings of functional work.

treatment of neurological disease

All neurological diseases we divide into several main groups:

  1.   Disorders of the peripheral system (neuralgia, neuritis, zones of the inflammatory process)
  2.   Disorders due to infectious diseases (meningitis, Lyme disease …)
  3.   Age-related degenerative changes (dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s.)
  4.   Genetic diseases of a hereditary nature
  5.   Acute pathology after trauma, severe vascular, cranial diseases
  6.   Changes due to factors of social life (osteoarthritis, depression, panic attacks)

There are many diseases of the nervous system and it is rather difficult to isolate the main symptoms.  These are complex changes in circadian rhythms, psycho emotional disorders, mental disorders, physiological disorders.

treatment of neurological disease

The complexity of the disease determines the patient’s treatment and recovery plan.  The complexity of the approach and choice of treatment tools is determined based on a complete analysis of the history of the patient who previously received treatment, the current history and the prognosis of recovery.

Treatment scheme for neurological diseases of the peripheral nature of the disorders:

  1. A special complex of intravenous infusion, aimed at eliminating the inflammatory process, relieving spasm, strengthening blood vessels, improving tissue nutrition.
  2. Complex of muscle stimulation, improvement of micro circulation, removal of puffiness, launch of the lymphatic drainage system.

Treatment scheme for diseases of the nervous system because of lifestyle:

  1. It is often recommended to correct and regulate the state with the help of bio hormonal identical pellets, this makes it possible to relieve emotional stress, improve mental abilities, and eliminate metabolic, hormonal disorders associated with systemic problems of the nervous system.
  2. Variants of intravenous infusions, normalizing the balance of the nervous, cardiovascular system.
  3. Relaxing procedures, relieving stress (massage, physiologist procedures)

Treatment regimen for other diseases of the nervous system with progressive or severe functional changes.

treatment of neurological disease by stem cellls

  1. Detoxification of the body from heavy metals, decay products, toxins, as preparation of the body for treatment.
  2. The choice of stem therapy (type of cells, dosage, nature of the biomaterial.) If necessary, cell cultivation, treatment is divided into several stages.
  3. Adjustment of drug treatment (consultations with specialized specialists, additional diagnostics, if necessary.)
  4. Profile rehabilitation of a restorative nature at specialized sanatorium-type bases.
  5. Monitoring the results of systematic treatment, formation of a prognosis for correction or treatment.

Neurological diseases are based on violations of neural connections, conductors of the brain and spinal cord, sub cortical structures, muscles – all the symptoms of changes in the nervous system are constantly getting younger, and therefore it is functionally important not to miss the development of serious pathology.  An early attention to neurological symptoms can prevent or minimize the extent of the lesions.

Personalized approach

Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, which we will try to understand in order to achieve a coordinated work of all chains of the body and be reborn at a new biological age.

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Treatment of neurological diseases in BioAge.

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