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The program for the complex restoration of the body is a balanced method of maintaining a person's physiological resources at the level of healthy indicators of life cycles.

SVF therapy

The unique property of regeneration and recovery underlies SVF therapy.  The method has long established itself worldwide as an effective therapy in the treatment of joints.

Joints in the human body have an important function of cushioning and movement.  With age, the aging process of the body is included, as well as possible injuries that slow down the regeneration of the cartilage and bone system; tissues wear out, become more fragile and prone to damage.

Bone regeneration is faster than cartilage, so age-related changes in the joints are almost irreversible.

Scientific and medical studies have proven the high effectiveness of SVF therapy in the renewal of cartilage, so important for painless, easy movement.

What is the peculiarity of the SVF therapy procedure?

Stem cells are the basis of building material for all organs, joints, and systems in general.  The safest method of removing stem cells from the body is the method of taking adipose tissue.  Adipose tissue consists of a large number of mesenchymal cells, the functionality of which is the transformation into cells of cartilage, bone, muscle.

Mesenchymal cells are rich in growth factors, which activates cell division and filling the damaged areas.

When preparing the drug for injection into the joint, fat is divided into fractions, one of the fractions is plasma.  It consists of organic and mineral compounds, nutrients.  Plasma is rich in platelets, which is widely used in medicine as a healing and regeneration of body tissues.

For what problems or diseases use SVF therapy:

– Arthritis and osteoarthritis of any severity

– Injuries after injuries

– Tendon damage, muscle strain

– Elimination of inflammatory processes in the joints and connective tissues

– back pain with protrusions, pinching

– Osteochondritis and destructive processes in bone tissue

Method of SVF therapy in the treatment of joints:

Mesenchymal stem cells in addition to enriched plasma are injected locally into the joint, under the action of active cells:

1) inhibits the degenerative process in cartilage

2) the body’s autoimmune attack on the damaged areas is reduced

3) the inflammatory process is eliminated

4) the pressure of fibrous tissues decreases

5) eliminates swelling and pain.

6) slow fusion of cartilage, tissues.

When performing this procedure, you should also consider the contraindications of such therapy for the following patients:

– in the active phase of chronic, viral, infectious diseases

– cancer

– blood diseases

– pregnancy

Stages of SVF therapy treatment:

– conducting clinical screening of the patient (general laboratory and biochemical tests)

– collection of fat biopsy under local anesthesia

– centrifugation of material and analysis by fractions

– outpatient administration of the drug during analgesia

– cancellation of anti-inflammatory drugs for 2 weeks

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, does not require special training and care of the joint after.  The maximum effectiveness of treatment is manifested in the second week after therapy: mobility is restored, the patient is ready for regular daily activity.

Complete safety of the procedure:

Using its own mesenchymal cells, the body does not attack them, but gently perceives them as 100% coincidence.  Scientific laboratories have conducted more than 1,000 protocols of svf drug, and not one of them has not confirmed the harmful effects on the body.  The therapy is completely safe, does not cause complications or rejections.

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