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It is real to prolong youth and health!

Stem cell dysfunction is a sign of aging associated with a decline in a person’s physical and mental abilities.
Stem cells are characterized by the ability to give rise to all differentiated cell types of a tissue or system, as well as by the ability to self-renew. Currently, there are strategies for influencing old stem cells to improve health, which are undergoing preclinical and clinical trials .. In this review, we will discuss several methods that have demonstrated effects on stem cell function and renewal, with an emphasis on old stem cells, and highlight therapies. which, in our opinion, can have good clinical results.
An Integrated Approach to Functional Recovery – Diet. Various dietary interventions have been shown to improve life expectancy and health. Diet complexes are usually divided into three groups: calorie restriction, fasting, and mimicking fasting. The external cellular environment has been shown to change with age and affect stem cell function, and diet helps restore the rejuvenating potential of the microenvironment.
Young plasma injections contribute to the restoration of circulating factors found in young blood, is widespread and has positive effects on the mechanisms by which they act on various stem cells.
Studies of circulating factors have shown that the rejuvenation of old stem cells can be restored by factors derived from young tissue.Thus, it follows that the secretion collected from MSCs can also potentially have a rejuvenating effect on aging tissue. Indeed, it has been proven that the secret of young MSCs contributes to the restoration of the heart, differentiation into functioning glial cells and astrocytes, and differentiation into functional muscle tissue. Cord-derived MSCs were able to induce differentiation and self-renewal of old cells
Although circulatory factors are most often studied for stem cell rejuvenation, mechanical and biological signals from the extracellular matrix can influence the phenotype and behavior of stem cells. Of particular interest is that each type of stem cell has its own unique microenvironment, differing in rigidity, porosity, and topography. Therefore, age-related changes can negatively affect the local type of stem cells, while the targeted subtypes of cells can improve the specific function of the stem cells.
NAD + is an energy carrier molecule in the body that decreases with age. Many studies have shown that increasing NAD + levels through the addition of various precursors improves many aging phenotypes. With the introduction of additional dosages of NADH, an increase in muscle function, regeneration and endurance was observed, which was measured by a decrease in differentiating factors and an increase in self-renewal factors, a decrease in the amount of damaged DNA and an improvement in mitochondrial function.Indeed, research has shown promising results as NADH supplementation is highly bioavailable, well tolerated by adults, and has been shown to reduce systolic blood pressure, aortic stiffness, and inflammatory cytokine levels.
Different in origin from other small molecules, metformin, a small molecule mainly prescribed for type 2 diabetes, also has anti-aging effects, and several studies have examined its effects on senescent tissue-specific stem cells. Metformin is a promising agent for improving the function of some old stem cells.
Returning to plant-based compounds, curcumin is produced by Curcuma longa plants, which are well known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This has made it a popular compound in antiaging research. Curcumin treatment protects human MSCs from death when exposed to H2O2 and increases osteogenic potential by reducing oxidative stress and suppressing signaling.
Long-lived senescent cells and secretory phenotypes associated with senescence cause deleterious effects in older organisms, both by not performing normal cellular functions or by suppressing the proper function of other cells.

We believe that restoring the function of old stem cells is an important component of improving the health and possibly life expectancy of people.


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