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Restoration of vision using stem cells therapy

To restore vision today is not such an impossible task in medicine, even in cases, when the result is not particularly believable, please with incredible changes. One of these stories, we will share with you.

13 years ago, a long-awaited son was born in a Ukrainian family from Dnipro. During childbirth, the child suffered hypoxia and suffered brain damage, as a result of which he suffered from seizures and blindness. For about ten years, the parents rehabilitated their son with the help of modern medicines and conservative treatment. It was difficult to accept that the boy is poorly able to control his body, it is impossible even to play football and play sports like other children. After many years of consultation, parents discovered that this is a time-tested treatment, and that stem cells can be safe and have powerful regenerative properties if they are native and harvested at birth.
The road to a third pregnancy was not easy and they went to the maternity hospital for their second son only a few years later – with excitement and with a special container for collecting umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord.
Six months later, the boy received an infusion of stem cells from the umbilical cord blood of his younger brother, and then two more infusions during the year mesenchymal stem cells from the umbilical cord.
The treatment results exceeded all expectations:
♦ decreased signs of seizure activity on the EEG

♦ the number of retinal ganglion cells increased by 30% {{ 1}}
♦ ️ the boy changed from a specialized boarding school to a regular one, started seeing what was written on the blackboard, doing gymnastics and playing football

♦ signs of hyperactivity and signs of autoimmune disease disappeared levania

The first step to recovery was only begun 12 years later, thanks to the stem cells of his younger brother. Storage of umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord for each child is an important temporary and financial advantage on the path of recovery.
But if the patient does not have his own bio material, our clinic will select an identical sample of donor material for you (hematopoietic cells of the umbilical cord blood and mesenchymal umbilical cord) to regain lost vision improvement opportunities.

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