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Face rejuvenation with fibroblasts

Skin aging begins at 28-30 years of age. The reason is that the connective tissues and fibroblast cells that produce collagen begin to die off by 2% every year. Assuming it starts at age 30, by the time we reach 40, we’ve lost 20% of the fibroblast cells in our skin, which means we’ve lost 20% of the connective tissue that keeps our skin tight and collagen. which gives the skin elasticity, in other words, the youthfulness of our skin.
Lines, wrinkles, creases, flabbiness and signs of aging begin to appear.
Of the trillions of cells that make up the human body, stem cells are by far the most intriguing category. They are one of the few cells in the body that are able to transform between cell types and have the potential to become an essential cell type and replace the worn out and damaged cells they encounter.
Stem cell therapy is widely used due to its ability to restore and regenerate various types of tissues and organs in cosmetic and plastic surgeries. It includes the clinical application of various types of stem cells. It is known that various stem cells are applicable in various areas of cosmetic, dermatological and aesthetic procedures. However, stem cells derived from adipose tissue, placenta, and skin samples remain the most widely used because they have the potential and ability to differentiate into mesenchymal, ectodermal, and endodermal lineages and are readily available for collection. Fibroblast cells are connected to each other like a network. When these cells begin to die, the network begins to tear; thus the connective tissue begins to descend. Collagen-producing tissues are also deformed, and our skin is easily wrinkled and aged. As cell death continues with age, our skin looks older.
Stem cell facial rejuvenation therapy is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure that uses stem cell science to force the body to produce more collagen and infuse tissues with healthy blood flow, resulting in a radiant, youthful appearance.
Stem cells can bring many benefits to patients. They can increase the volume and structure of the face and make it look younger, as well as help restore and rejuvenate the skin for up to 18 months. This is possible because stem cells have an amazing ability to recognize and repair damaged tissue.
Patients who undergo stem cell therapy for facial rejuvenation claim that their skin has become denser and more radiant, and the positive effect lasts up to 12 months. This treatment can help eliminate wrinkles, improve skin quality, increase hydration and nutrition, and increase collagen formation.
The duration of the results of the procedure depends on the individual skin aging process. Other factors affecting the success of the procedure include improper diet, exposure to sunlight, smoking, and improper skin care.

Benefits of stem cell skin treatment
The most important aspect of skin treatment with stem cells is the replacement of missing tissues and the restoration of these tissues. When we are young, we have a sufficient number of cells in our body, but over time, the number of cells. In response to this, the main feature of stem cell therapy is that it is an elixir of youth, derived from our own body, which increases the number of stem cells in the target area.
How long does stem cell skin therapy take?
At the first stage, tissue sampling for sending for stem cell generation takes a maximum of 15 minutes. Cells grow in a stem cell laboratory within 15-30 days. The first injection is performed 30-45 days after cultivation, and the remaining 2 injections are performed at an interval of approximately 1 month. Each input takes about 40-60 minutes.
Can I start with daily activities immediately after stem cell skin treatment?
You can resume daily activities immediately after administration.
How long has this method been used worldwide?
This method was discovered in the world in the 1960s. It is recognized worldwide as the only method that provides rejuvenation through the replication and replenishment of dying cells as a result of aging.
This method, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has been applied to hundreds of thousands of people in many European countries for 17 years.

What are the effects of the initial use of stem cell skin therapy?
Each application consists of a biopsy and a total of 3 injections approximately 1 month apart. Then the process of proliferation and activation of cells under the skin begins. The desired effect becomes visible after about 2 months. The number of fibroblast cells that the skin can accept in 1 year is equal to the number of fibroblast cells that die in 8-10 years. No matter how many cells you donate within 1 year, you will not be able to change the rate of self-healing of the skin and you can rejuvenate the skin by a maximum of 8-10 years in 1 year.
Can the procedure be repeated?
The method of stem rejuvenation is able to rejuvenate the skin by a maximum of 8-10 years in 1 year. On the other hand, as the aging process continues, cells continue to die at the rate of aging. But the advantage of this method is that it can be reapplied after 1 year to return to the skin the number of cells that died within 8-10 years.
What are the risks of stem cell skin treatment?
In this method, only fibroblast cells derived from their own tissue are injected into the patient, without adding any foreign material, so these cells cannot turn into other cells.

When do the effects of stem cell skin treatment become noticeable?
The process of self-healing of the skin is slow, so the maximum effect is achieved after 9-12 months. For some patients, this process can take 18 to 24 months.
Can it look unnatural after the procedure?
Gestures and facial expressions do not change after treatment. The patient does not lose his expression. He/she will look natural.
Is facial stem cell therapy only used for rejuvenation purposes?
This method is used not only for rejuvenation, but also for the treatment of skin and subcutaneous problems such as acne scars, age spots, enlarged pores, cuts and scars, skin laxity, etc.
What stem cells are used on the face other than fibroblasts?
Stromal vascular fraction (SVF). Previously, it was believed that stem cells are found only in the bone marrow. However, it was found that the number of stem cells in adipose tissue is 4 times higher than their number in the bone marrow.
What types of cells does SVF contain?
SVF stem cells contain many of the different cell types present in adults. Some of them are: mesenchymal stem cells with the ability to transform into various cells, endothelial stem cells that can treat the vascular system, hematopoietic stem cells that can be used to treat blood diseases, keratinocytes that can be used to treat the surface area of ​​the skin, fibroblast stem cells , which form connective tissue in the skin, and many other types of stem cells
Are there any age limits for facial stem cell treatment?
Since the procedure has no side effects and risks, as well as the use of a person’s own stem cells, it has no age restrictions.

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