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Cord tissue helped in treatment of autism and cerebral palsy

Based on a separate story of a boy , we will tell you about the results of the use of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells in the treatment of diseases characterized by deficits in personality, social, speech and other aspects of development and skills.

Thirteen years ago, Richard was born on 24 weeks pregnant. At birth, he weighed only almost 900 grams, and he had to spend 4 months in the neonatal intensive care unit, including 40 days on a ventilator. He also had a bleeding in the brain. Despite this difficult start in life, Richard did well. Throughout his life, he received physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and a special school. Richard was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder. But Richard did not have any serious flaws – he can walk, talk and perform many tasks without assistance. However, his parents were always looking for additional help to cope with chronic deficits in a number of functions and skills. For example, Richard is extremely sensitive to sensory overload.
One day his mother, Nicole, heard information about the Panama Stem Cell Institute. To find out more, she commissioned Dr. Neil Riordan’s book, Stem Cell Therapy: How Stem Cells Destroy Medicine and Transform Life: The Tide of Growth. After reading the book, Nicole felt that there was a way out and that this treatment was with intravenous infusions of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) from the umbilical cord tissue.

The family traveled to Panama twice for therapy: in November 2018 when Richard was 11, and again in January 2020 at age 12. Nicole has documented these family trips on her blog. The family felt they saw enough benefit from therapy to justify a second trip.
Richard’s speech therapist tested his language skills before each trip and upon returning. After the first ride, his son showed a 35% improvement in both expressive and receptive speech, which to Nicole felt like a “surge in vocabulary.”
Richard’s musculoskeletal balance improved so much that he can now cycle without training. wheels. His sensory sensitivity is much more controllable; for example, a sudden loud noise or exposure to the sun in the eyes no longer irritates him as much as before. Finally, the child’s sense of self-awareness and self-confidence improved. If before he did not mind having his parents help him prepare food or dress, now he understands that at 13 he must be able to do this, and insists on doing it on his own. “We’ve often heard that children’s brains continue to develop into adolescence. However, most clinical trials for treating cerebral palsy or autism with cell therapy have focused on young children.” says Mom.
Richard’s story shows that adolescents can see significant benefits from cell therapy. However, it is important to warn that individual responses vary greatly, and one child’s situation does not prove similar results in others.

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