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Natural body recovering and rejuvenation

As it often happens, while running in life to achieve material wealth, we miss the most valuable thing that we have –  time, especially  the time to control our health. And it often happens that we remember this when we already feel a certain discomfort, pain, a sharp decrease in physical and psycho-emotional functions.
The human body is resilient and  strong enough to periodically fight with viruses and infections on its own, but each personal resources are individual, so control of one’s health must also be personalized.
As a rule, patients come to us firstly to solve the acquired health problems that bother them. And here it is important to approach the restoration of health as comprehensively as possible in order to exclude possible consequences, the development of related diseases and symptoms.
These are complex of laboratory and instrumental methods for diagnosing the whole organism, which show all sections of the state of the body (biochemical analysis, macro and micro elements, hormonal levels, the work of all body systems, with subsequent detailing, with indicators that differ from the reference values). This is a database of medical indicators, which is analyzed by specialized doctors with full details and recommendations.
At the base of any disease (not including congenital, genetic) is an inflammatory process that has not been noticed, has not been eliminated and has already developed into a form of a chronic permanent condition, or attached to itself the surrounding tissues and systems, scaling the process. Working with methods of soft, natural and safe impact on the body, we offer to restore health  with a help of human reserve of health potentiation – stem cells. There are a lot of subspecies of stem cells, each subspecies has a narrower specialization in use. But in therapy, several subtypes of stem cells are often combined in order to achieve the most pronounced result. Taking into account the disease, its complexity, duration, current therapy and its results, the doctor forms a treatment program that includes the type of cell therapy, its dosage, the origin of the necessary cells, the preparation of the body before administration and the stimulation of the level of proliferation (cell survival).
Stem cells have 2 unique features that make the therapy promising, effective and applicable to almost any human condition:
1) Getting into the body during therapy, stem cells, according to certain signals, feel weak and damaged cells, following exactly there. They attach to the membranes of these cells and begin the process of division, while maintaining the same phenotype without changing it. That is, they divide and renew themselves into similar stem cells.2) The ability of stem cells to differentiate, that is, to turn into other types of cells for recovery at sites of damage (epithelial, hematopoietic, mesenchymal, tissue-specific)
Most often in our therapy, we use stem cells from the umbilical cord, cord blood, mesenchymal from adipose tissue, cells from the placenta, narrowly differentiated cells (cardiomyocytes, chondrocytes, endothelial cells, epithelial, neural crest, dermal cells, endometrial, exosomes, fibroblasts, keratinocytes … )
All cellular material is stored in a cryobank with its own certificates of quality and purity of the product, its activity for proliferation (reproduction and engraftment).

In parallel with the restoration of the body with stem cells, we provide the patient with corrective programs for the treatment of the current state, using bioidentical hormonal pellets, complexes of micro and macro elements, elimination of inflammatory manifestations, acute chronic course of diseases, non-cellular complexes from plasma, placenta, adipose tissue – for a period waiting for the result of internal stem cell regeneration.
Thus, the patient already receives an intermediate result at the beginning of treatment, the removal of acute symptoms, an improvement in the general condition even before the start of the cell therapy.
Using only pure bio-material for injection, which we control and analyze ourselves, we exclude side effects, complications, allergic manifestations and other possible troubles in the treatment.
It is important for both the doctor and the patient to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment in order to assess the correct selection of cell therapy, dosage, and auxiliary therapy. Always before the start of therapy, the patient undergoes all the necessary diagnostics, therefore it is quite easy to compare the results at the beginning of treatment and after 3, 6, 12 months. The control of the condition is determined individually by the doctor, based on the primary reason for the appeal (on the nature of the disease, its complexity). There are conditions in which the patient requires repeated injections of cell culture in order to achieve a longer remission or recovery.
We always guide our patients after therapy, rejoice in success together, look for compromises in solving complex problems in such a way as not to cause harm to the patient, but through organic innovations and methods to improve his quality of life!

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Each person is unique, individual, perfect in his own way. This is a whole unknown universe with subtle connections and interactions, in which we will try to figure it out in order to achieve the coordinated work of all body chains and help you to be reborn at a new biological age.

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